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About us

Healthcare Concierge by Bonotaxi was born with the illusion of being able to offer our clients a global service to solve all the needs of patients: making transfers, reimbursing expenses and organizing trips.

We are only dedicated to the health sector. We have been operating since 2008 under our Bonotaxi brand and we work for more than 130 companies in the pharma sector. Based on our experience, we reach a higher level and that you can count on a single provider in Spain that carries out all the necessary logistics procedures for the patient within the framework of the Clinical Study.

Continue to offer point-to-point efficient transfers nationwide, reimburse patients for expenses such as diets, mileage, parking and other small expenses quickly, solve the needs of patients who need to travel from one city to another by buying for them plane tickets, train, hotel reservations, etc.; and what is most decisive: accompanying the patient at all times to improve their experience in the clinical trial and help them stay until its completion.

Our service

All this by putting the patient at the centre of our operations, helping and accompanying them throughout the process, thus facilitating recruitment and their permanence until the end of the Clinical Study; furthermore, with our global service, you will be able to have everything centralized and we will minimize both your management tasks and those of the hospital centres.

We work in a personalized way and adapting to the needs of our clients, so we remain totally receptive if you consider that we can help you in any other management.


Ofrecemos servicio de traslados en toda España desde el domicilio del paciente, aeropuertos, estaciones u otros lugares de origen hasta el centro hospitalario y viceversa.


Expense reimbursement service

Reembolsamos los gastos autorizados al paciente de forma semanal mediante APP homologada.

Travel agency

Gestionamos billetes de avión, trenes, alojamiento, etc. de los pacientes que deben viajar a otra ciudad con motivo del Estudio.

Other personalized services

Contacte con nosotros para otros servicios personalizados en el marco de los Estudios Clínicos.

Your specialised partner

Our expert customer service team offers a highly confidential and personalised service to all customers and patients.

We achieve the highest quality control, as 100% of the customer service team and drivers in the main towns are our own.

We have our own fleet or we participate in the companies of our partners in the most critical areas of Spain.

Our commitment

Why Healthcare Concierge?

Because our consolidated, solid team and above all, endowed with a lot of motivation and empathy, wants to solve all the needs that patients may have within the framework of the Clinical Trial, putting them at the center of our activities, caring and adapting us to their needs. We are their Healthcare Concierge, breaking down barriers so that they can participate in the Trial and improving their experience to remain in it until the end, thus favoring the objectives of the sponsors and CROs, being their best allies for a complete centralized management in a single provider.