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Acceso Bonotaxi

No advance payment

Patients never have to advance the payment.


Commitment to punctuality. Free service if there is a delay of more than 15 minutes.

Taxi & VTC

Our taxi and VTC transfers optimise services and maximise resources. Vehicles with tinted glasses, child car seats and booster seats are available.

Experienced drivers

Our range of local drivers across the country are highly specialised in the excellent treatment of patients and have been trained in the importance of confidentiality and discretion.

Own vehicles

We have our own vehicles fleet, and we also participate in our partners’ companies in the country’s busiest areas of Spain.


Single invoice

Consolidate everything in a single invoice per clinical trial for the whole country, with the possibility of incorporating order numbers, references, etc.

  • ISO9001:2015 Quality System.

  • Compliance With General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

  • Registered In European Medicines Agency.

  • Quality Policy, Anticorruption, Liability Insurance, Criminal Compliance, etc.

Expense Reimbursement Service


Definition of spending limits or personalized restrictions for each patient according to the type of expense.


Possibility of making the payment to the patient on a weekly basis if the expenses comply with the established restrictions; or possibility that validate the expenses prior to being reimbursed.

pago semanal

The invoices are sent corresponding only to the expenses that have been previously authorized.

digitalización gastos

Digitization of expenses in an application approved by the Agencia Tributaria.

Travel Agency


Patients never have to advance the payment.


Team specialized in organizing and planning trips.


Definition of spending limits or personalized restrictions for each patient.


Permanent support to the patient during their journey 24×365.